Vision, Mission, Values

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Our mission as a school community is learning for all.  We do this by providing effective teaching practices in a safe, caring environment to ensure that ALL students achieve.


Learning for all

Encouraging each other

Working together in pursuit of excellence

Incorporating best practices and technology to empower student learning

Shared responsibility for student achievement



As a school, we believe strong, frequent 2-way communication is key to student success.  We strive to communicate a positive message about our school to our stakeholders and the community through a variety of means.  Our hope is to clearly articulate our expectations, our celebrations, and promote ways that families can be involved in the learning process.


Our staff believes that we can all learn from one another.  We plan, study, and support each other as we use student data to drive our instructional practices.  Teachers take ownership of all students’ learning in our school and share resources, time, and strategies to see that all students succeed.


Lewis teachers are committed to ensuring a focused and challenging curriculum that is aligned to the district elementary plan.  We utilize technology to enhance the learning experience for all students, focusing on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication between learners within and outside of our school.  


Having a caring school community increases achievement, confidence, and attendance.  We strive each day to provide a safe, nurturing environment where students have a sense of belonging and feel encouraged to take risks that will lead to higher levels of learning.  We believe it is important for students to learn to become responsible members of their community by involving families in school activities and opportunities that will make a positive impact in the Excelsior Springs community.