PALS (Parent And Lewis Supporters)

PALS or  Parent and Lewis Supporters, is our parent/teacher organization that supports all learners, staff, and families in our Lewis learning community.  They volunteer their time to support initiatives, instructional strategies, resources, and provide fun and educational opportunities for our students.  Many of the events that have become tradition- Lewis Football Night, Grandparents/STEAM Night, field trips, Sweetheart Dance, and Pastries with Parents are made possible through PALS.  PALS meets monthly in the Lewis Library the first Monday of the month at 4:00.  If you can make the meeting that's great.  If you can't make the meetings, that's fine, too.  However, we encourage all parents to join and pay the $10 per student fee.  This gives you a PALS membership, supports all classroom parties, and supports other student activities.  We are looking forward to a great 2019-2020 school year and encourage all parents to join and support Lewis students!

Board Members include:
President Samantha Cisneros (

Treasurer Amanda Johnson (
Media Coordinator Sarah Frost (frostygirl_031409@hotmail)
Media Coordinator Courtney Curry (

Fundraising Coordinator Rebecca Homuth-Kiehl (
Teacher Representative Kayla Stone (