Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention or “RtI” is a term used to describe a process schools use to systematically identify students who are struggling to learn core skills, intervene to help them learn, monitor their progress, and adjust methods so they can meet achievement goals.



Our school focuses on reading to provide specific, targeted instruction in early literacy skills, oral reading fluency, and skills for comprehending text.  Reading is an essential skill for all other subjects and for life.  It also takes a lot of practice to become a proficient reader.

AIMSweb is a curriculum based measurement warehouse online that contains very short timed assessments we use to determine if a student is learning these skills at the same rate as their average peers.  An intervention, or alternative instruction, is provided for students that are not demonstrating achievement.  Enrichment activities are selected for students that demonstrate advanced achievement.  We administer the short assessments three times a year to all students and use the data to form instructional groups.  Students receiving intervention are monitored weekly to track their response to the intervention.  Changes are made as necessary to increase achievement.  



Lewis Elementary sets aside the first 30 minutes of the school day as our building-wide intervention/enrichment instructional time.  We call this jump start to our day “PRIDE Time”.  The goal is to take pride in our learning immediately get our brains involved in reading and related skills.  These strategies and interventions help to make all students the strongest readers possible.