Literacy Bound

For the love of reading
Posted on 09/26/2018

It’s hard to believe we are midway through first quarter. It seems like just yesterday we were opening our doors and welcoming everyone back to school. Last year, we began the work of inspiring and teaching all students to read. This year, our work will continue. In order to accomplish this goal, you’ll see many new structures taking place in our classrooms. One major change is, all grade levels have fully adopted the workshop model. When you walk into any classroom, you will now see teachers reading aloud a mentor text and thinking aloud how they comprehend the book. Once the teacher has modeled the lesson, our students then go back and do the work the teacher just taught them. The workshop model allows 30 minutes for each student to practice reading with guidance from the teacher. It also allows the teacher to meet each reader’s individual needs by conferring with them one on one. We are so proud of the work our staff and students have put into growing their brains as readers.  

A second structure we put into place is guided reading. During guided reading time, students work alongside the teacher time on skills they need in reading. Our Kindergarten friends are working on beginning sounds, word and letter identification, and how to write a sentence. First graders are working on sounding out words, recognizing sight words, and reading texts and then discussing them. Our second through fifth graders work on similar skills. They read a text and the teacher instructs them one on one in an area they need to practice. They discuss books as a group and write about them on the last day.

With these two new structures in place building wide, we know our students reading abilities wil advance and their love for reading grow.